General conditions

01 The lessee receives the vehicle in perfect working order, which he/she checks at the time of taking the vehicle; admitting to having been informed as to the kind of fuel which the vehicle requires; and undertaking to return the said vehicle in the same condition as that in which he/she received it.

02 The lessee undertakes to pay whatsoever fines may be imposed on him/her for traffic offences and to notify the lessor of same moment of settlement of the account.

03 The lessee accepts civil and criminal liability for the responsibility which could derive from the use of the hired vehicle, and under no circumstances may he/she transport goods especially should these be of illegal procedence.

04 With reference to that which is established in the aforegoing article the lessee is insured, by means of an insurance policy taken out by the lessor with an Insurance Company, for civil responsibility against third parties and against injury to persons in the measure and conditions established in the Obligatory Insurance Regulations

05 The opening hours of the company are from 9am to 8pm, and after these times the lessor is authorised not to accept return of the vehicle until 9am the following day and to exact due payment according to the established rates. However, should the vehicle break down thereby rendering impossible the return of same to the lessor within the stated hours, the lessee admits knowledge of the telephone number permanently manned during opening hours for reports; therefore the impossibility of communication by the lessee to the lessor of the occurrence of a break down or the impossibility to return the vehicle will not constitute exemption from responsibility on the part of the lessee.

06 The lessee undertakes to carry with him/her the document issued by this Company, to be shown on request from the authorities or any member of this Company.

07 The lessor reserves the right not to rent its vehicles if it so deems. Furthermore, the lessor may withdraw the rented vehicle if the lessee should misuse it, or if it should be driven in inferior physical conditions caused by alcohol, drugs, fatigue or illness.

08 It is absolutely forbidden to sub-let the vehicle or for it to be driven by anyone other than the contracting client, except with the consent of the lessor.

09 The lessee will be liable for all damage caused by accident for whatever cause; including damage by fire or theft. With the sole exception of a special insurance policy (CDW) to cover material damage and theft having been agreed with the leasing company, but in which case the lessee will have to pay the first €300.

10 The leasing company declares that it has taken all due precaution to obviate mechanical failure in the rented vehicle, and the lessee declares that he/she has checked the good condition of the vehicle on taking same and has been informed of the kind of fuel needed; so that should a mechanical breakdown occur due to the use of incorrect fuel, the lessor does not accept any responsibility for whatsoever damage may be caused directly or indirectly to the lessee as a result of said faults or breakdowns. Furthermore, breakdowns caused by the use of incorrect fuel or driving on punctured or flat tyres, will be the responsibility of the lessee as a consequence of his/her negligent use of the vehicle.

11 The theft of the vehicle implies the forfeit of whatsoever monies have been paid over in whatsoever concept.

12 The lessee declares that he/she possesses the corresponding licence for the hired vehicle.

13 Value Added Tax must be paid by the client.

14 For any dispute which might arise in connection with contract, the parties expressly submit to the legally applicable jurisdiction.

15 The lessee admits to having been informed of the obligation of wearing a crash helmet to ride all the vehicles hired. The crash helmet can be provided by the lessor; the lessee being obliged to return same in the same perfect condition in which he/she takes it; the lessee is responsible for whatsoever loss or theft of same; in which case he/she must pay the sum of €25 to the lessor. The lessee accepts responsibility for whatever damages, sanctions and fines are imposed on him/her for driving without wearing a crash helmet.